The Best Foam Rollers – Which Foam Roller Should You Buy?

Written by Mitch Starkman

January 16, 2020


Which Foam Roller Should You Buy?


If you’re reading this, you already know that a foam roller is an essential part of every human beings toolbox. In our modern world now, more than ever foam rollers have become a necessity. They’re an amazing tool to get some blood flow into your tissue, but also reverse some of the nasty effects gravity can have on our bodies throughout the day. 

So, the real question becomes, which foam roller do you use? If you walk into your local sports store there are likely more than 5-6 options, so how do you know which to buy?

Well at the end of the day, you’re going to be great with any option. Why? Because you’re purchasing a tool to help you move and feel a little more awesome  – so you’re already winning, congratulations. 

“But, Mitch, I want to make a more educated choice?” Is the question I always get, so with that in mind, let’s break down my top 3 choices for foam rollers.  

Now for me, I break down these foam rollers into 3 key categories. What I’ll do is separate my top 3 favourite rollers by these categories, and you can make a more educated choice. 


A Good Knock-Off


So first off, I don’t like knock offs. The Trigger Point Foam Roller which is my best overall choice comes in way ahead of this for me – but I want to give you all of the options. The Trigger point roller became the standard, and these guys (and many others) have copied it. Personally, I don’t think they’re as good – but they are cheaper, so here are my thoughts below. 

Price – 3/5


Durability – 3/5

These guys last better than the Budget, full foam option we review here – but they do tend to break down. I also notice that the foam is quite a bit firmer to start, but almost too firm. Once it starts to give – it gives too much. I find the density inconsistent – but it still gets the job done. 

Portability – 4/5

They do have the hollow centre which is great for looping the strap of your gym bag through or storing your clothes in, within your gym bag like the real Trigger Point Roller. The downside is on the durability side, where it does tend to break down faster, I also find it too firm to start.

The Budget Choice

Amazon Basics “12 Blue Roller

Price: 5/5


You can’t beat the price on this roller. The only downside is that with their poor durability, you’re likely going to be buying a few over their lifespan as they wear out. That being said – if you don’t plan to use it often, this is a great choice for the price.


Durability: 2/5 

These rollers are made of compressed foam – so, they do tend to give-way over time. Depending on how much you plan to use your roller, this may not be the best fit for you. These tend to scratch, and soften with time – but they will still get the job done. If you’re looking for a roller that you don’t plan to use on the regular, or just to get started – this is a great choice. 


Portability – 3/5

Average overall here. It’s going to take up as much space in your bag, as it’s size. If space in your bag to bring the roller from place to place isn’t a concern, this likely isn’t a deal-breaker for you. It does tend to scratch easily with travel. 

Best Overall Choice (my personal favourite)

The Trigger Point Foam Roller

Price: 4/5


Durability: 5/5 

This is why this one is my favourite by far. I’ve had my Trigger Point Foam Roller for over 8 years now, and you can manage the wear and tear I put on that thing – and it still looks brand new. The foam hasn’t collapsed and it’s funky colour (I’ve got the orange one) still looks fresh. I bring it to the park, gym and don’t treat it delicately – it’s done well. If you plan to get some heavy use out of your roller – I’d highly recommend this roller.  

Portability – 5/5

I love the hollow centre of these bad boys. I often loop my gym strap through the middle and I’m good to boot around to the gym or work without taking up real estate in my bag. It’s light, and I don’t have to worry about throwing it around, given its durability. When I do throw it in my bag, sometimes I even pack my gym close inside of it to save even more space. 



So at the end of the day, there is no wrong choice here. Either way, you’re going to be helping your body move and feel better, but there may be the best choice for you. 


For me, I’d go for The Trigger Point Foam Roller every time because I know it will last, does the job well and sometimes spending a bit of cash motivates us to make use of what we buy. That being said, as long as you’re using it, you’re already ahead of the game. 

I hope it helps, and remember, we’ve got a tone of video demonstrations of different exercises you can use your foam roller for in our Movement Library on the blog! My personal favourite exercise is the Upper Back Foam Roll, crucial for any desk jockey. 

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Authored by:

Mitch Starkman

Mitch Starkman

Physiotherapist and Founder

A Toronto-based Physiotherapist with a passion for sports, orthopedics, and human movement. Mitchell’s goal is to understand how the site of pain is impacted by the entire body – rather than pinpointing a specific disturbance. He is also the founder of - a website geared toward giving people the tools they need to self-manage, treat and prevent their injuries.

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