One on One Physiotherapy In Toronto

How Physiotherapy should be.

Unique Care To You

You deserve to be cared for by the physiotherapist you paid to see. 

Clinics often use Physiotherapy Assistants and ‘Kinesiologists’ to provide care. While your Physiotherapist is overseeing care for two or three patients at a time, you’re stuck being seen by an assistant or plugged into some kind of machine. This is just bad care.

This multi-patient model lets a Physiotherapist oversee more patients, bill more time, and make more money. But it doesn’t offer you better care. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

I think that’s wrong. When you come into our Toronto clinic, I will work with you one-on-one. We will work together throughout each session to address your issues and to achieve your goals.

Email Access

You deserve better access to your care and your information. That starts with having direct email access to your clinician.

Hands On Care

I provide manual therapy of bones, muscles, joints and nerves to get you back on track.

Expert Supervison

Working exclusively with me as your Physiotherapist provides you with the expert guidance you deserve and the results you desire.

Two-Way Conversation

This is not a dictator ship. We will develop and constantly review our plan of care together. 






Your care is provided in a private room. This allows me to offer you complete confidentiality and privacy.

Constant Review

To make sure you are making the progress you deserve we will regularly review your exercises, your progress, and most importantly, your goals.


Because you and I will be working one-on-one throughout your treatments you will receive the consistent feedback you need as you progress and see results.

Fun and Games

One-on-one Physiotherapy is fun! Really! I look forward to getting to know through our sessions and watching you progress.

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