Need a charismatic and credible speaker?

That’s me in a nutshell and I’d be honoured to be your guy!
I love energizing crowds with ideas that matter. I love taking what some would call a boring subject (ie. Office Ergonomics and Injury Prevention) and creating excitement and engagement with my audience.
I understand that finding the right and credible speaker can be challenging, so that’s why I’ve created this page to let you know exactly what I specialize in, why I love speaking, and how you can hire me if you feel we’re a great fit!

Office Ergonomics


Let’s face it: office life isn’t going anywhere so it is up to us to find solutions to keep our staff happy, effective, and most importantly healthy!

I want to help you do that. 

I’ve spoken on a variety of topics, from my Keynote: The 10 Best Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office, to ergonomic set-ups, and the best ways to create more time for movement in your day.

Injury Prevention


Injuries are everywhere and unfortunately, they are not easily controlled. In fact, it is impossible to completely eliminate injuries altogether. What we can do is obsess over the details and do our best to ensure we give our bodies the best possible chance to recover and stay healthy.

This is what I can to talk to you about.  Let’s run an interactive and practical seminar so your group leaves not only knowing what they can do, but also the “hows” and “whys”!

This is one of my most successful speaker series and one that I take part in regularly at multiple Running Room locations across the GTA.

Corporate Events


This has to be one of my favorite topics and groups to speak to. Your group probably sits all day long, does that sound like a healthy posture to be in?

Allow us to come in and present some novel, practical and useful information for your team that they will be able to implement immediately – as well as get moving at the same time!

Help your team move, feel, and live better!

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If the opportunity is a great fit, I'm happy to travel! That being said, I am a Toronto based Physiotherapy speaker and presentor and love to speak on all things physiotherapy (or as some call it; Physical Therapy), office health and injury prevention.
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