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Lesson 7: The Shoulder

THE SHOULDERS – shoulders are meant to cry on, NOT cause you pain!


In today’s lesson, we cover the following topics:

  • How the shoulder relates to the running, overall function and pain;
  • How to assess shoulder range of motion for running; and
  • How to treat and improve your shoulder function.


Once you’ve completed the above lesson, make sure to incorporate any of the below exercises (depending on what you’ve found with the assessment portion of the lesson):

  • Child Pose Rotation – gaining mobility of the upper back is crucial to allow our whole spine to move and we don’t overcompensate through our lower back and allow our shoulders to do their thing. 
  • Pec Grinder – this is an amazing and easy way to improve your shoulder blade position and overall shoulder range of motion. 
  • Cheer Leader 3x3s – A great shoulder strength and stability drill to improve your control in all of the ranges of your shoulder. 

If you are struggling with knee pain, you should check out the Online PhysioReady Shoulder Impingement Program. It’s an inexpensive and comprehensive solution for those who can’t come into the clinic! 

If you need some equipment to get started, find out what we recommend on our equipment page) and get started.  

Stay tuned for next week’s lesson where we tackle how to assess and treat your neck!


For any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at!


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