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If you’re looking for the perfect tool for the job, here is what we recommend!
The Foam Roller

This is an essential tool in your toolbox when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Essentially, it is your own personal massage therapist.

There is a whole array of different brands and price ranges when it comes to foam rollers, with a variety of densities to increase (or decrease) the pressure and sizes. We recommend the TRIGGER POINT ROLLER as we’ve found it to be the best quality. It is at a slightly higher price point than others, but we’ve yet to find one that can match its durability and overall quality. 

Resistance Bands

In order to get stronger, we need to challenge our muscles and that involves overloading them with a resistance they have to work to overpower. Most of us do not have a huge set of dumbbells at home, and at a certain point using chunky soup cans as weights just isn’t enough!

This resistance band site is an amazing one for durable and functional products. It includes a few easy snaps and hand grips so you can easily hold it and secure it to just about anything!

Release Ball

This is an essential tool in your toolbox when it comes to keeping your body healthy. It is another essential tool that acts as your own personal massage therapist.

There are some spots that your muscles just need a little more pressure which our own hands (or foam rollers) can’t get to. The smaller surface area of the trigger point ball allows it to create a deeper and more precise release of the targeted areas. It also has just enough give to keep it comfortable while doing the job.

Superfeet Insoles

These are hands down the best out of the box insoles to support those with foot issues. Insoles and orthotics are often not the solution to everyone’s issues, so please make sure you discuss this as an option with your healthcare provider (i.e. Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Family Doctor).

In the early onset of conditions like Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinopathy, the use of non-custom orthotics have been shown to be as effective as custom ones for the management of symptoms at a fraction of the price!

If you get yourself a pair of these, know that it is just a piece of the puzzle as you work through your rehab process.

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