How to Properly Complete a Front Plank

Great core activation.

Written by Mitch Starkman

November 13, 2017

How to Complete a Front Plank

It all starts with finding neutral

 Our core muscles control a lot of the movements we do throughout our day – from lifting objects to sitting in proper posture. What we don’t do a lot of is work on activating these muscles!! The front plank is a great exercise to target your core, but a big misconception is that it is a simple movement – it’s NOT. Take your time to ensure your form is bang on FIRST, then challenge yourself with the addition of movements and unstable surfaces. It’s time to learn exactly how to complete the front plank. 

Lay on your belly with your knees bent, and rock your pelvis all the way forward and back to find neutral. Now, brace your core and glutes on the front and back by pulling UP from your abs. Make sure to press your hips up towards the sky until your body makes a straight line from your ankles to your chin.


Take 3 deep belly breaths. – this is one set. Do this 3-5 more times.

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