Proper Sitting Posture in 2020

Written by Mitch Starkman

November 19, 2019

Proper Sitting Posture

Have you ever wondered what proper sitting posture is? Or, what the best way to sit really is? Of course you have, because sitting really is the new smoking. That’s why we created this video below (back when we were known as “The Movement Centre”), on exactly how to perform proper sitting posture.

We’ve also included a written transcript of the video below if you’d prefer to read, than to watch!

We hope it helps improve and gain proper sitting posture and help you feel like a million bucks! 

If you’re looking to learn more about sitting posture, check out this amazing and more in depth post on Good Sitting Posture in 2020.

If you have any questions about proper sitting posture, please feel free to reach out or leave any comments below!


Video Transcript

Some people prefer to read and we’ve got you covered!
Welcome to the movement center and welcome to the office series innovative idea. We’ve compiled a series of videos showing you how to self manage and self treat common office injuries that we see all the comfort of your own office. Oh and move like you mean it.


Hey guys, welcome to episode one of the officers. Say we are reviewing how to sit. Most of us spend most of our days sitting unfortunately or fortunately for some right. And we spend about 10 to 12 hours a day doing that. So we’re going to review as likely how to do that in the best way to do that if you are forced to sit all day.

Now our next episode, episode two, so about how to stand. So that one’s going to be a bit more of a step by step process to how to stand. And you are thinking about switching or switching between standing versus sitting desk, but for today Senate. So we’re gonna come over here. We’re going to use this fancy chair. Now people ask us all the time, what is the seat there? What is the best seated seat? A chair we can use.

Right. And really I like a hardwood chair. Something from, and the reason is is because it’s gonna force you to constant change, constantly change position. It’s also going to force you not to really lean on the chair too much cause it’s going to probably hurt and make him move a little bit. So I like people that are going to sit away from the back of the chair to start with. But if we’re going to look at our average office worker here sitting at her desk, right. One thing that we noticed is she scooted right back to the, to the back of the seat. She also shifted over here is lean way back and kind of relaxed. What does that do? Shuts off her whole court. So she’s kind of hanging out doing what? Black, she’s blending, leaning back like this or Peter completely relaxed. He’s also has a lot of females do.

We’re in a high heel that have a boot. I was just going to put her feet in it, what we call plantar flexion, which essentially means pointed position, which is going to stiffen them up. That can lead to issues like plantar fascia issues, knee pain, hip pain that we’ll talk about later in the series. But for now we’re talking about to sitting either problems that we, that we see. Other thing we commonly see as people’s shoulders rounded forwards and sort of hanging out in desk jockey or position on laptops and things like that as well as the neck shooting forwards. So we’re going to kind of cope with a simple solution for this. And that’s going to be the standup, right? Not all the time. Don’t worry as as we stand up, we’re going to see or here’s that standing. Now we’re going to do with, first thing is squeeze as hard as we can.

We’ll go a bit more into standing position in stabilization. Our next episode in episode two, she can activate her core a little bit to neutralize that at that curve. Right?

So she’s kinda here and the other thing I’d like people to do is take their shoulders like this and bring them out to the sides like that. Perfect. We’re just going to bring the shoulder blades together. Then want you to get to do from this position is relax her arm, like keep her shoulders in place. Now our shoulders are set and she’s a bit more open in the front of the chest. So holding this position, she’s going to go ahead and sit down about in the middle of that chair, she sits back. Perfect. So now she’s ready to go and she’s active. You can see your spine lights and neutral. She’s not overextended and really, really arched trying to come up a little more down there.

Perfect. And her feet are nice flat on the floor. Rule, easy, easy rule to remember for officer economics is 90 90 degrees. You want your feet to be bet 90 degrees the ground. She’s a little bit over that right now. You want your knees to be bent at 90 degrees. Hips. 90 risks will be nice, gently supported at 90 degrees and there, or elbows, I’m sorry. And the risks would be flipped and could I skin control in a relaxed, they should see, don’t develop carpal tunnel, which will also be an episode later on for us too guys. So that’s easy. Review of how to sit. Rule 90. Get yourself set in standing. Squeeze your butt, get your pelvis in a good position.

Sit on back down. Bring your shoulders out to stabilize your position. And last piece but not least is getting your neck centered over top of your shoulders. You don’t want to be that guy hanging out like this all the time. Um, cause that’s just bad news bears. All right, any questions from you? No. Feel good. Great.

Any questions with that guys? Leave it below. We always like to see comments. Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. We were going to be releasing about a 10 part series here on, uh, on office mechanics and office injuries and of course move like, you mean it? Thanks a lot.

Authored by:

Mitch Starkman

Mitch Starkman

Physiotherapist and Founder

A Toronto-based Physiotherapist with a passion for sports, orthopedics, and human movement. Mitchell’s goal is to understand how the site of pain is impacted by the entire body – rather than pinpointing a specific disturbance. He is also the founder of - a website geared toward giving people the tools they need to self-manage, treat and prevent their injuries.

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