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Desk Jockey Physio LIVE are live virtual exercise and fitness classes led by a Physiotherapist and delivered to you and your team from the comfort of your own home or office. 

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What Is Desk Jockey Physio LIVE?

Virtual exercise and fitness classes led by a Physiotherapist and delivered to you and your team from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Virtual Physiotherapy Class

We come to you and your team through your computer screen. We guide your team through physio, fitness, and educational programming during a live class. 


Multimedia Experience

Seeing and hearing what’s happening is important. That’s why we provide a high quality experience through multiple camera angles and high quality audio!

Take Home Programming

We’ll provide you and your team with handouts and video tutorials of the exercises done during your sessions so your team can keep the good times rolling.

Live, Real-Time Feedback

Through the use of an iPad, we provide real-time feedback to each participant on their form and technique. This ensures every team member recieves customized results that work for their body. 


Question and Answer Period

All of our sessions conclude with a Q&A period, inviting your team to ask anything related to the life of a desk jockey. From ergonomics to specific exercises, we’re here to help!

Led by a Registered Physiotherapist

All of our sessions are led by a Physiotherapist who’s specialized in working with active desk workers. This means you get the best results, from an expert, for your team’s needs. 

How Can Desk Jockey Physio LIVE Help?

Make Your Team Feel Valued and Invested In
Let us educate and guide your team on how to use their bodies to feel and move better. They’ll thank you for it.  

Build a Culture You Want To Be Apart Of

Our sessions work to bring you and your team closer together through wellness. Your team will feel better, together.

Create a Social Event Out of Wellness (Move and Shmooze!)

After your LIVE session, stay on the call and have a rewarding drink with your team. Catch up and connect. We call it Move and Shmooze! 

 Keep Your Team Healthy

A healthy team works hard and aches and pains are no fun for anybody. Let us help solve these problems for your team and stop them before they happen!

We’ve worked with some great companies already, and can’t wait to help your team.

What We Offer

We do everything we can to make our sessions easy to follow, digestible, and most importantly helpful for you and your team.

For All Levels of Difficulty

Our sessions are designed to offer a variety of difficulty levels to suite everyone. No one get’s left behind with live feedback and physiotherapist guidance.

Gamified Learning

We don’t just perform expert guided programming for your team. We also educate on their posture, ergonomics with useful tips and tricks.

Take Home Programming

We’ll provide you and your team with handouts and video tutorials of the exercises done during your sessions so your team can keep the good times rolling.

See Progress

With weekly sessions, we see gradual progression improvement and most importantly keep your team feeling and moving well!

Led By A Physiotherapist

All of our sessions are lead by a Physiotherapist who’ specialized in working with active desk workers like you and your team.

1 Hour Sessions

This can be flexibile, but we find most people do great with this timeline. We try to include 40-45min of programming, followed by questions. 

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Employees
& Businesses

Begin to align your employees with your companies vision and goals by giving back to the first.

Show them that you care by supporting their health, flexibility, and wellbeing through Desk Jockey Physio LIVE.

Whether you host a single clinic, or regular weekly or monthly sessions, your team will feel your compassion and support in your care for their wellbeing.


Popular Sessions

Ergonomics Seminar: COVID Edition

This has quickly become our most popular seminar. All about how you can apply proper ergonomics to your home office set-up – no matter where you are working from!

Headache Management

An interactive exercise and educational session on managing headaches.

Neck Tightness and Pain
Learn and perform exercise and flexibility training for your neck to feel and move better. Oh, and we also educate on best posture and position practices for your neck!

Lower Back Pain Prevention

Almost 80% of office folks struggle with lower back pain! Don’t let it be anyone on your team. We review some game changing exercise and flexibility programming. Complete, of course with a Q and A session. 

Pricing Is as Easy as

1, 2, 3

Depending on your companies goals and budget, we have a package that will fit your needs. If you’re just looking for a single session, no problem (package 1).

We recommend our package of 4 sessions (package 2)  to allow your team to work through their entire body and build continuity and progress. We offer discounts on packages 2 and 3 to make it easier to care for your team. 


Single Session

Just looking for a one-off seminar on ergonomics or office health for your team? Maybe you just want to have one Desk Jockey Physio LIVE session to show your team that you care? Or you just want to try us out! 


The Packages

Prebook our most popular sessions to help build continnuity, foster team growth and show your team you care about their entire body. 


Monthly Programming

Don’t stop caring for your team after just a few sessions. We have monthly programs built around your company offering weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions, along with virtual physiotherapy and ergonomic assessments. 



"Thank you so much for these seminars. My neck and shoulders have never felt better. I learned so much.

Aziz T, George Weston Group

"I've been struggling to figure out how to work from my kitchen table during COVID-19, this was so helpful thank you!

May C, George Weston Group

"I've been doing these stretches wrong for years! Where have you been all my life!"

Alexis, Synergy 


About Desk jockey phyio.

Mitch’s Physiotherapy focus revolves around managing and treating the ever prevalent “desk jockeys”. This population constantly challenges their bodies behind a desk or computer for over 40 hours a week (which is way more than any athlete trains at the gym). Because of this, Mitchell focuses on priming their bodies to sustain long periods in sitting positions and optimizes their postural mechanics to be able to transition from desk work to competitive play – without the risk of sprains or strains.
Learn more about Mitch and Desk Jockey Physio
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