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How To do the Median Nerve Flossing Drill (Windshield Wipers)

Improve Neural Mobility

Sometimes we mistake elbow or wrist pain for typical injuries like carpal tunnel, when really the culprit is the nerves neck (or cervical spine). The nerves in our neck run from the head and neck, to the shoulder, and all the way down into our arm and wrist running in, around, and through multiple muscles in this pathway. Because of this intricacy we may mistake nerve pain for something else – like wrist pain – when really it was the median nerve! Try this exercise if you’re having any “nerve symptoms” – like burning or tingling in the arms. This is exactly how to complete the median nerve flossing drill.

In seated, start with your head in good posture and looking straight ahead. Lift your arm to 90 degrees by your side and bend your elbow to 90 degrees. As you straighten out your elbow, bend your neck towards that same side. When your elbow if fully straight, extend your palm to get a bit more of stretch. From here, bend your elbow while flexing your wrist, bringing your palm towards your shoulder – while bending your neck towards the opposite side.

Do this for 20 reps per side or 1 minute throughout the day!

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