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Global News

February 2021 brought a scary accident for Tiger Woods. Mitch discusses his injuries and road to recovery.

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Untold Physio Stories (S5E3): You've Helped Me So Much

What are we really doing with our physiotherapy treatments?

Untold Physio Stories (S5E9): Seeing is Believing

It’s so important we actually “look” at the area we are assessing.

Written Features

Running Room

Ultimate Guide to Knee Pain for Runners


The Insider

17 exercise habits that are actually hurting you

Running Room

Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain for Runners

The List

What happens when you stop wearing high heels 


Child’s Pose For Athletes                         


Be Sure  Walking Meetings Are Successful


5 Microsteps to Keep You Healthy at a Desk Job


 TikTok’s Milk Crate Challenge    


How to Habit-Stack Your Way to Better Posture

Women's Running Magazine

5 Expert Body Maintenance Tips

The Insider

10 signs your workout is  hurting you

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