The Best Postural Exercise | The Rule of 5

How to Complete the Rule of 5

The Best Posture Exercise


POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE! If you don’t have time to hit the gym or your hectic work life keeps you tied up late, this is a great exercise to cue your postural awareness and get some activity back into your life. It is difficult to realize just how poor our posture is and more importantly how to correct it. This is a great drill to do throughout the day to make the “invisible – visibleâ€. You can do this whenever you hit a red light in your car, or whenever you take a break to check your phone at work? This is exactly how to perform the Rule of 5; the best postural exercise.

Start by sitting on anything really – car, chair, couch, etc. Pull your shoulder blades together and down, and hold this position. Now, pull your neck back to meet your shoulders and hold here.

Hold this position for 5 seconds. Now, relax and repeat. Remember, this is the “Rule of 5†so you are going to do this 5 times, for 5 sec holds, and repeat it 5 times throughout the day!


Video Transcript

Some people prefer to read and we’ve got you covered!


Mitch Starkman:

Hey guys, welcome to the Movement Library where we’ve compiled mobility, strength and corrective exercises so that you can move like you mean it.

Hey, what’s up guys, this is Mitch here from the Movement Center. Today we are demonstrating the rule of five. This is probably the most important partial exercise that I love for a lot of people out there who are very stiff, limited in this position and don’t quite know it. This is a really good awareness exercise you can do to get yourself up into a good position. The why is called rule of five is the answer is always five for this. You got to do this five times a day, you’re going to hold it for five seconds and you are going to do five repetitions each time you do it.

To start with the whole idea here is to get into perfect military style over exaggerated posture. You’re going to think about taking your shoulder blades and pulling them back towards each other, pulling them back and down. Go as far as you can, really feel that stretch in the front of your chest. Don’t forget about your head here, take your head and pull it back. You should always feel a bit of a stretch at the top of your neck as you hold that back. You’re going to hold this for five seconds. Five, four, three, two, one, and relax.

I want you to relax back down to the posture that you normally are in. It kind of lets you think, “Oh, wow, this is where I hang out.” Right, for some of us, maybe you’re awesome, but some of us hang out like this, right? This is where I want you to come out of, and come back up here and hold that for five seconds. I’ll show you from the side. If I’m here, right, you’re pulling the shoulder blades back, getting your chin back and held and straight and you’re holding that stretch, and relax. Coming back, holding it, and doing that five times, and relax. This is a great one to do, I call these red light drills, so you can do this is in your car on the way to and from work. You hit a red light, think about doing some of these exercises, set a reminder on your phone.

Anyway, that’s how you do the rule of five. Get that posture set, activate it back, and chin tucked. Have awesome posture, be awesome out there. If you like this guys please go down and hit like on that button down there. Subscribe to us if you want more great videos. Call the number below if you have any questions. Sit up straight, hope you are right now, and move like you mean it. Thanks a lot.


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